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Not Sure Which Barking Collar To Select?

While we do display many bark collars, we understand that it can be confusing to select the right one that'll work for your dog. 

Bark Collar Review

Call our friendly staff on 1800 783 890 for quick advice on the best barking collar for your dog. Alternatively, please watch a short video that reviews some of the currently available barking collars.


How Do Barking Collars Work?

A barking collar is simply a device that listens out for your dog to bark. Once it detects a bark it delivers an immediate correction to alter that pattern of barking behaviour. Generally most bark collars use vibration to detect a bark, while others use both the vibration and the sound to trigger a correction.

Which Type Of Anti Bark Collar To Choose?

There are three types of correction. A bark collar may use either an Ultra high frequency sound, a spray of citronella, or static to correct excessive barking. Of all of these types, static is by far the most effective method because it starts at a low level of static and automatically increases the more your dog barks. This way your dog only receives the level of correction it needs to alter its barking behaviour. Citronella collars can also be effective, since most dogs don't like the smell of citronella.

What Size Of Bark Collar To Select?

It is important to select a barking collar according to the size of your dog. Not only will the physical size of the device suit your dogs' size, but also the power of the unit. A bark collar for small dogs will deliver a correction suitable for the small dog, while the larger dog will require a collar that has a higher output to control even the most determined barking dog. For an easy reference, visit our buying guide to select the right collar for your dog. 

Does The Brand Matter?

The Petsafe, Innotek and Sportdog brands have been developing bark collars for years and they have a commitment to ensuring the safety of their devices as well as their brand reputation. When considering a barking collar, if your like me you want to be sure that your dog will be safe. Unfortunately there are many cheap imported bark collars hitting the market, that while the price is attractive, your dog may end up being unnecessarily over corrected, or even worse, corrected when your dog didn't even bark! Yes, we have heard many horror stories from people after using cheap collars!

Still Unsure?

We can help you find the best barking collar right now. Call us now on 1800 783 890