Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs


Give your dog a treat to ease his flea-discomfort. Comfortis is a chewable dog remedy that effectively attacks a flea's nervous system - setting in paralysis and later on, death.

Month-long protection from re-infestation means your dog will be flea-free and flea-protected, even when it comes into a flea-infested area. Comfortis' beef flavor makes its administration easy.

> Comfortis should be administered only to pets for whom this remedy was prescribed.

> While your dog is taking Comfortis, your veterinarian should be informed of any other medication (this includes vitamins) that your pet is taking.

> Do not use in dogs less than fourteen (14) weeks old.

> Do not use Comfortis is pets receiving high amounts of ivermectin, since ivermectin toxicity can occur.

> Do not administer to pets hypersensitive to Spinosad.

> Consult your vet before administering Comfortis to breeding, pregnant, or lactating animals.

> Oral intake is advised, for maximum affectivity.

> Should your dog vomit within one hour after intake, give a full dose.

> Use with caution, or consult your vet first, when administering to dogs with epilepsy.

> Ideally, Comfortis should be administered a month before fleas get active, and be administered every month until the end of a flea season. In regions where fleas are common through out the year, scheduled monthly treatments should be given, continuously.

> If a dog already infested was given Comfortis, expect to still see some flees in the dog's environment - these are the immature forms hatching.

> To reduce likelihood of reinfestation, all animals with whom your pet comes into contact regularly should be treated with approved anti-flea remedies.

> Store at room temperature, in an area inaccessible to children, food stuff, and pets.

Possible Side effects

Side effects from Comfortis treatment are rare, but these include decreased appetite, vomiting, lethargy, coughing, diarrhea, excessive thirst, redness of skin, increased appetite, vocalization, drooling, and hyperactivity. These can be symptoms of overdose or toxicity. Should your pet display these signs, contact your veterinarian.

Allergic reactions to Comfortis may include hives, facial swelling, scratching, vomiting, sudden diarrhea, shock, pale gums, seizures, cold limbs, or a coma. Contact your vet if you observe these signs.

Product Features

> Comfortis starts killing fleas half an hour after ingestion.
> Flea protection last up to a month.
> Spinosad, Comfortis' active ingredient, attacks the nervous system of fleas, paralyzing and then killing them.
> Comfortis comes in a chewable tablet that can be easily given to dogs.

Active Ingredient and common drug name: Spinosad

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Rated 5 / 5 by Zenith on 3 February 2012
Good Price and quick delivery
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Am very happy with service and product

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Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs

Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs
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Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs

Give Comfortis chewable tablets to your dog to get rid of fleas and get protection from re-infestation. Its distinct beef flavor, derived from protein found in pork and hydrolyzed soy, is loved by dogs all over. Feeding your dog tablets meant to make it better has never been easier.

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