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What Is A Remote Dog Training Collar?

The remote training collar is simply an e-collar that can be remotely activated. Whether you need it for general backyard obedience, for your working dog or when out hunting, in the right hands, they can prove to be an invaluable training tool.

How To Choose The Right Training Collar?

The most important considerations when shopping for a remote trainer is the size of your dog plus the range you need to operate it. While there are some remote trainers designed for the small dog, most are for medium to large dogs. The range of these trainers can be as close as 90m to as far as 1600m

How These Dog Training Collars Work?

Remember, these are to assist your normal training methods and are designed to provide a negative reinforcement for the training you are undertaking. When activated the e-collar will deliver either a static correction, a tone, and some units can also deliver vibration as a means of correction.

Not Sure Which One Will Suit Your Needs?

Simply call us on 1800 783 890 and we will help match the right training collar to suit your dog and your training needs. Alternatively you can read our buying guide. We have also prepared a short video for you to compare the different models available.